Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vista Home – Net Account

I stumbled on how to accomplish changing the password expire settings in Vista Home Premium.

To remove the password expire date in Vista Home Premium, you have to use the old command line and use the net command to do this. I looked all over the GUI account dialog box for an option to to this but could not find one.

So to lift the password expire day do this.


  1. Under Start>Accessories> “Right-Click” on Command Prompt and click on “Run As Administrator”
  2. This will open a dos dialog box. At the prompt type in
    1. net accounts (this will list out all the settings for the current user)
    2. net accounts ? (this will list the syntax for using the command)
    3. net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited (this syntax will remove the password expiration date)
    4. net accounts /maxpwage:100 (this will set the password to expire in 100 days)


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